Uses for REI Weekend Coolers

The REI Weekend Coolers are great tools to have when going out of town on a weekend vacation. Whether a person is going out hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, or just out on a picnic, the cooler will come in handy. With its molded foam bottom, the coolers are durable and light weight. They are also soft and easy to carry while walking on long treks. They have a small stretchable handle that can easily be held while walking. The size of the cooler is big enough that a person can fit many types of smaller foods, like cold cuts, bread, fruit, chips, and some drinks. The cooler can be filled with ice to place in with the food and drinks, but a blue freezer brick is recommended to prevent leakage. The compression straps are also large enough to hold a wrapped up blanket to take along on the trip. The design of the cooler is nifty with lots of storage space for extra items, such as napkins and plastic silverware.

The REI Weekend Cooler has good traction abilities, the polyester material makes the cooler soft and durable. It has a 46 liter capacity, and it is easy to drain and clean with its waterproof liner. They can be used for day trips while camping, kayaking, or going to the beach. The cooler is also collapsible, so that it can fit into any size trunk that already has a lot of large items in it. It has extra pockets for storage items, has a top handle for very easy carrying. The food, drinks, and blue freezer brick stay cold for more than two to three days, even in up to 90 degree weather, due to its closed cell foam insulation capacity, and it will feed up to three to four people during a trip. The 2 lb and 11 ounce coolers are also affordable at prices of $42 at some stores. They come in different colors of shamrock green and midnight blue.

The REI Weekend Cooler also has dual rip and stick Velcro handles that are held together for an easier grip while hiking up hills and mountains. The material is durable enough that it can withstand being dragged through rocks and gravel. The interior lining in the cooler can be pulled out to clean in order to keep the bag from contracting stains and odors. If ice is used for the cooler, the time recommended to keep food and drinks cool is up to five hours, before more ice will need to be added. Since the cooler does not have a long strap to drape over a person’s shoulder, or wheels to help roll it around on longer treks, it is recommended to use this cooler for shorter weekend camping, fishing, or trips to the beach. The weight of the cooler can become heavy if taken on long hikes. The zippers on the top and sides of the cooler provide easy access to get to items. The coolers are also sleek and stylish looking.