Waterproof, Durable, Well Priced

Constructed of lightweight, yet durable high-performance materials, the Pole Creek Omni-Tech® boots from Columbia are geared toward day hikes and short weekend trips. The Omni-Grip rubber sole provides ample traction on rocky mountainsides, riverbeds and grassy trails, as the breathable mesh upper prevents suffocating, sweaty feet after a long laborious hike.

A drawback of lightweight design is a reduced amount of support, especially under heavy loads, such as a full pack. Not recommended for such endeavors, the Pole Creek boots are also not suited to heavy terrain.
The comfortable, dual-density EVA foot bed offers your feet an excellent cushion and reliable stability. Reinforcements placed in stress areas of the boot- ankle, toe and heel- add to the Pole Creek’s durability and support. Denser than the EVA used in regular hiking boots, dual-density implies a longer lasting midsole.
However, the feature about Columbia’s Pole Creek boots that truly appeals to experienced hikers is the Omni-Tech waterproof membrane that protects them. Reliable enough to shut out rainstorms and rivers, the feature is truly fantastic and will be highly appreciated by the wearer, their dry feet and socks, guaranteed. Under arid conditions and more humid weather, mesh sections promote airflow, so these boots smell less pungent after a weekend of traversing the wilderness.
In fact, Columbia took the concern of smell reduction to heart and added some sort of anti-odor treatment called AgION™, helping to fight, if only for the sake of your relatives and tent mates.
Priced extremely reasonably at $120, these boots are recommended for almost any hiker, especially one that wants both durability and a bargain. The Omni-Tech feature is hard to beat, too- honestly, there’s little worse than wet socks following a river crossing and Columbia certainly offers an inexpensive solution. If you’re looking for a new boot this season and are not privy to extended hikes of several weeks, this is the product for you.

Priced at $120.

I would rate these boots at a 4/5 as they meet their purpose perfectly to suit the casual outdoors enthusiast who despises wet and sweaty feet. However, buying these would be a mistake for a long, rugged journey.