Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR

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Italian boot designs can be traced back hundred of years. Italy is considered the summit when it comes to designing and manufacturing footwear. Even though the cost of manufacturing has made Italian footwear expensive, the shoe mavens of Italy always find a way to deliver quality footwear at a reasonable although above average price point.

The Zamberlan family has deep roots in the footwear industry. Poppi Giuseppe Zamberlan had a passion for the local mountains as well as shoe cobbling. He set up a shoe repair shop in Pievebelvicino di Torrebelvicino which is nestled at the base of the Italian Alps right after the First World War, and by 1929 Giuseppe was manufacturing innovative boots designs with rubber soles instead of the typical leather soles with iron studs.

Giuseppe’s friendship with Vitale Bramani, the founder of Vibram rubber soles, was the catalyst for his new boot collection. Through the years Giuseppe continued to developed quality Italian rough terrain boots using leather tanned in Italy and rubber soles made by Vibram. Mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts around Europe discovered the comfort and reliability of Zamberlan boots and his word of mouth marketing concept drew the attention of trekkers all over the world.

Zamberlan introduced the Fugiyama boot in 1967. It was made specifically for the Japanese market and that boot is still in production today. The Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR is sort of a grandchild of the Fugiyama boot in terms of incredible Italian upper contours, excellent workmanship, and premium materials. The Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR has been fined tuned with the latest boot technology and materials.

The Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR- A Boot for the Millennium
The building blocks for any boot or shoe defines its comfort and reliability. The last, box toe, flex-point, ankle and arch support, the heel placement within the contour of the insole, along with the shaft height, padded lining, shank, and mid and outsole flexibility determine the performance of a boot, but they are also the ingredients for its lifespan.

The Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR has a roomy box toe so the toes can wiggle, but it keeps the foot stable and the midsole gives the boot enough flex so it follows the natural movement of the foot when walking. The last, which is used as the foundation for arch, ankle, and torso support, is engineered for climbing as well as for traversing and carrying heavy loads. The design of the padded collar and the leather upper provide comfort by keeping the contact between the foot and the boot upper even. The built in shock absorbent features of the sole as well as the internal stability of the footbed, and the moisture and perspiration wicking features of the lining ensure a comfortable in-boot environment.

Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR Specifications and Boot Details
Trail comfort laced with modern boot amenities are the key words that express the functionality and reliability of the Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR. The Hydrobloc waxed leather is treated with the RRS (Rubber Reinforcement System) so it repels water and is water-resistant. The Cambrelle and leather lining with Zamberlan Air System padding is perfect for water wicking, and the Zamberlan padded footbed insole softy cradles the foot. The Vibram Ananasi platform lug sole provides enough support for a forty pound pack. The waxed brown and black upper leather combination makes the Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR an instant performance classic.

On a scale of 1 to 5 the Zamberlan 308 Trekker RR is rated a 4.5 for quality, performance, durability, and its two hundred and fifteen dollar retail price.