Zamberlan’s 760 Steep GT Hiking Boots: Rugged Comfort for All Conditions

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The 760 Steep GT hiking boots from Zamberlan are stout boots constructed to handle any possible outdoor conditions. With premium Italian craftsmanship, Zamberlan boots are only for enthusiasts who are serious about both their outdoor activities and their sense of style.

A family-operated company, Zamberlan has been crafting superb boots and shoes since 1929. The 760 Steep GT boots shows the value of their lengthy experience. Italian nubuck leather is handcrafted for the structure of the boots. Nubuck is similar to suede, but is wear-resistant, strong, and thick. It is also extremely soft to the touch, making the boots comfortable to wear for all-day hiking trips. Each attachment point of the nubuck is double stitched for extra reinforcement. The double stitching ensures the boots are extremely durable, even when undergoing a rigorous adventure.

The boots are protected with a solid Gore-Tex liner. Although it is completely waterproof, the liner will still let feet breathe readily. The liner allows wearers to be safe from rainstorms or missteps near bodies of water. Sweaty feet or water-soaked boots can lead to disease or fungal infections. The boots are designed to prevent either from happening.

Vibram has created a proprietary new sole design for only the 760 Steep GT boots. Given the code name Star Trek, the sole is intended to provide ankle and lateral support. The sole will let wearers keep their balance on rough or uneven terrain. A fall or turned ankle can easily lead to a poor situation when people are far from civilization. The sole is thick enough to cushion feet for running, but flexible for stretching and bending on the trail.

A zonal lacing system allows wearers to adjust the boots to fit comfortably and securely. Wearers can tighten or loosen the lower or upper sections independently to ensure all-day hiking doesn’t cut off blood circulation to the feet. The laces are thick and are shielded from the foot to keep from pinching when tied tightly.

The stylish panels of light gray, dark gray, and red allow wearers to look well-dressed even in the depths of the wilderness. The color tones are relatively muted, allowing wearers to match their clothes to their boots without a problem. The leather may change color slightly when damp or wet, but will return to its original color after drying out.

Backpacker Magazine signaled their approval of the boots with an Editors’ Choice award for 2010. Their article on the boots mentioned the outstanding comfort and durability in particular. Other publications have also consistently rated the boots with high marks.

However, for the price, savvy campers could outfit an entire set of used trail gear. As an Italian company, Zamberlan has yet to expand completely into the United States and other countries. It may be difficult finding the boots in retail stores. Sizes are limited to 8 to 12. The gray and red color scheme also may be a matter of individual taste. Serious hunters may want boots that fit into their target environment better. The boots have a moderate amount of weight for hiking footwear. But these are minor complaints for an excellent piece of outdoors gear.

At an MSRP of $258, the 760 Steep GT hiking boots are targeted towards the serious outdoor enthusiast. The boots can handle camping, hiking, hunting, or simply being stylish with ease. They work equally well for short trips or all-day cross country marathons. All of the fashionable flash hides exceptional quality and comfort. If purchasers are willing to spend in the $250 price range, Zamberlan’s 760 Steep GT hiking boots come with a five star recommendation.