ATV Loading Ramps – Which One is the Right One For You

ATV Loading RampsAnybody who owns an off road vehicle needs a safe and reliable way to transport it from home to the desired location. Without a ramp, this is a painful chore trying to load it onto the bed of a pick up truck without help. Thankfully a loading ramp can help out with the process — especially if there is no other assistance available.

An aluminum model is probably the most popular choice of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. They are built solidly, easy to move around and their weight means one person can handle them quite readily. Of course that is not the whole story.

With a major investment in these “big boy toys”, most consumers like to look out for their property. Money shouldn’t have to be spent on the same item more than once, so it is important to safeguard expensive equipment. This includes the process of moving one of these vehicles safely on and off the truck or trailer. The proper ramp is one of the smartest purchases that any avid sportsman can make.

The first thing to regard is how much the vehicle weighs along with proper accessories and whoever will be performing the loading procedure. The grand total here should allow anyone to clearly see that some planks of wood simply won’t be good enough. This not only makes good sense, but also means that for safety sake, a sturdy pair of metal ramps is the smart choice.

However there are some easy solutions that will most likely come from a choice of metal ramps. One great option is a folding ramp because it takes up little space and can be easily transported. This is important since the vehicle has to be unloaded as well, so having a small ramp along for the ride can make this job a lot easier on site. They can also be safely put inside the cab of the truck after use when the actual purpose of the visit is begun. These ramps are small enough to be folded up and locked inside the truck when the ATV’s are in use. So they are practical and useful in the same small package.

Another great choice is arched loading ramps made from aluminum or a similar metal. Since the arch holds the load better, there is less chance of sagging under the weight of the ATV when loading it onto the pick up truck or towing trailer. All kinds of small motor powered vehicles can be loaded this way. They also come in a folding model that makes it perfect for storage purposes.

Probably the top rated ATV loading ramps are those of the bi-fold or tri-fold variety. They need to be wide enough for the vehicle and have room for the loader as well. An extender bar is also available if the slope is too steep and the ramps can be safely lengthened.

A single ramp may be all that is needed for loading a motorcycle. They should be able to hold the load safely when the vehicle is in transit on to the trailer. When moving a heavy street motorcycle this is especially important.

For a variety of bad weather conditions, a non skid surface may be the right choice for loading ramps. This will allow the proper traction to be maintained by the wheels and the ramp surface. This can be made or an elastomeric material or even some kind of textured coating.

And to ensure the greatest amount of safety, the new ramps should have a safety strap or attachment point for the trailer. These will secure the ramp to the trailer or truck bed. During transit, they can be used to hold the units in place so as to not cause damage to the ATV.

An attaching lip has the same properties. It will help keep the ramp in the proper place. There is also a rubber pad underneath so as to not scratch the tailgate. This is especially helpful if there are no other people around to help with the loading.

By choosing the correct loading ramp, it is easier to load any type of ATV, motorcycle or even riding lawnmower without the need for additional assistance.