Maintaining Your ATV

Maintaining your ATV is a great idea if you want it to last for a long time. Just to make sure it will start and run when you need it or to add some resale value. Keeping your ATV in a storage building like a garage or barn will keep it out of the elements. The sun can damage the seat and other soft materials over time. The seat will crack and the plastic covering on the cables and hoses will become brittle and eventually fail. By keeping the ATV out of the sun and other weather like rain and snow will help these items withstand time. If you do not have a garage you can place a good tarp over your ATV to keep it safe.

Changing fluids on a regular basis will keep your ATV in good running order. Try to use fluids and filters that are recommended by the manufacturer. Changing engine oil is very important even if the ATV has been sitting a lot. Most manufacturers want engine oil changed every three months even if the engine hasn’t been running a lot. Condensation can build up in the crank case with temperature changes especially if you live in a humid environment. If you ride your ATV in deep water it will be a good idea to check the crank case and differentials to make sure no water has got into the oils.

The fuel system needs to be maintained as well. If you leave your ATV sitting for long periods of time you may want to add a quality fuel stabilizer to the tank. If your ATV has a carburetor it will be a good idea to shut the fuel off to the carburetor and drain it. There is a plug on the carburetor that should be easy to access and will drain only the carburetor if the fuel has been shut off. This will keep the jets in the carburetor from gumming up and will insure an easy start up after sitting in storage.

Making sure you keep your ATV’s air filter clean will help the engine run at its best. A clean air filter will allow the engine to run more efficient. Checking the spark plug during the service interval will allow you to see if the engine is running right. If the spark plug has any deposits on it this may indicate a problem such as a dirty air filter or poor quality gasoline. Make sure that the gap in the spark plug is staying at the right measurement as well. This gap measurement can be found in the owner’s manual.

Tire pressure is also very important in the maintenance of your ATV. Most tires have the suggested tire pressure on the side wall. ATV tires typically have a low tire pressure setting. If your ATV’s tires call for 5psi and you have 4psi it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is 20 percent lower than it should be. Keeping the tires properly inflated will make the ATV ride better and make the tires last a lot longer.