All Rounder Trek Mountain Bikes

Rounder Trek Mountain BikesBiking is a popular sport that even the novice can participate. As bikers get a little more experience, they like to tackle various terrains that offer increasing challenges. Mountain biking is the toughest terrain a biker can tackle. When attempting mountainous terrain, the biker needs a specific bicycle that is up to meeting the demands of this type of riding.

The all around mountain bikes are a combination between a road bike and off-road bike. It is made to be ridden in all terrains from roads to rough trails. A rider can take an all around bicycle and ride it almost anywhere on any terrain. The bikes are lightweight but can carry a large weight load.

There are many different manufacturers of mountain bikes. The all rounder is designed to make the hilly terrain easier to transverse. These bikes feature the latest in technological advances made specifically for the mountains. The bikes are made for off road or dirt road trials. Most all rounders have twenty six inch wheels, and wide knobby tires to increase traction. They feature between twenty four or twenty seven gears. The newer bikes are going toward high-riser handlebars while the older ones featured flat handlebars.

The all-rounder suspension system falls into one of three basic categories:

Rigid suspension – has no suspension system. The bike is lightweight but rigid.

Hardtail suspension – the fork of the bicycle, the part that holds the front wheel has a suspension system.

Dual or Complete Suspension – this bicycle has suspension on the front and rear wheels of the bicycle.

The suspension desired is a personal choice. There are a myriad of combinations of set ups that the rider can make or choose. The brakes, handlebars, suspension, and gearing options can create hundreds of personalized bikes.

Rawland’s Dakkar is new to the market but getting positive reviews as an all-terrain bicycle. The bike frame is all that can be purchased, and then the rider has to custom build the remainder of the bike on their own. For someone new to all terrain riding this could be too ambitious a project.

Rivendell is another favored manufacturer. They make several models of acceptable quality all around bicycles. The Sam Hillbourne model is the best-selling all around bike of the Rivendell stable. They offer mostly frames that allow the rider to custom build the remainder of the bike.

Other manufactures include Gunner, Roberts, Salsa, Soma and Surly Bikes. Each manufacturer has multiple models from all around terrain bikes to specialty bikes. They have a range of prices from around five hundred dollars to several thousand.

Novice off road riders may wish to look at a used bicycle. Almost every bicycle shop carries a variety of used bikes. They have been examined and restored to top notch working condition. This is an excellent way to get into the sport without having to put out so much cash up front. It will also allow the rider to purchase a higher end bike for the same money. The bicycle shop will also be able to help the rider understand the differences in the bicycles, and determine the right bike for the type of riding they wish to do.

Before the novice rider starts searching for an all terrain bicycle, they either need to do extensive research to see which attributes will suit their riding style or consult an expert. These bicycles are extremely costly and a mistake can prevent the rider from purchasing another more suitable bike.

Look at where the rider will be biking the majority of the time, and what types of trails are there. This will direct them to the basic frame that is needed. Tires, brakes, handlebars and other pieces of the bicycles will come down to personal preference. Each rider wants different things from their bikes and these items are what make the difference in how they perform.