Be Prepared! Mountain Bike Tools and Gear Essentials For the Trail

Mountain biking is an activity that is enjoyed by many people. Mountain bikes are made so that you will be able to explore areas that many people have not seen before. You can access areas that can only be seen by traveling on foot or by bike. This is why making sure you have the right tools and gear when you are on the trails can be so important. You certainly don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way to repair your broken down vehicle and no gear that can help you remain safe and healthy. Following are some important items that every mountain biker should have handy when they hit the trails.

Bicycle Tools

Bringing some basic bicycle tools with you on your trek can be crucial. An important aspect of having these tools, however, is knowing how to use them. Prior to packing any tools for your mountain bike excursion, you should be aware of what their purpose is and how they are used. Be sure to practice using each tool and know what each one is for before heading out for your ride.

A multi-tool, which has various sizes of screwdrivers with both regular and Phillips heads and a variety of sizes of allen wrenches, will eliminate the need to carry a bunch of different sized wrenches and screwdrivers separately. Other tools you should consider bringing along include a shock pump, open ended wrenches, a chain tool, and a spoke wrench. Bringing along a tire pump is also highly recommended, as well as having a CO2 cartridge inflator. Other items that every mountain biker should have at their disposal are tire levers, a tube repair kit, and a spare tube.

What To Include In Your Gear

While bicycle tools are important, there can be other things that you should have with you that can also have you better prepared to face a trying situation while out on the trails. You should always bring some kind of cash and ID with you. In the event your bike becomes unrepairable, you will then be better prepared to find some other type of transportation to get you back to civilization.

When the sun is blaring, you will also want to remember to bring along sunscreen. You will also want to consider bringing along some light weight snacks with you as well. Biking tends to build up an appetite, and even if nothing goes wrong with your trek, you will still have something to satisfy your hunger if you get hungry. Things like fruits, gel shots, and energy bars are perfect for the trails.

It is also good to bring some extra clothing just in case it starts to rain or the temperature dips. Things like a cycling cap, lightweight rain gear, an extra pair of cycling socks, a pair of full finger gloves, and leg and arm warmers can be a vital part of preparing for your trail ride. You will also want to bring along a small first aid kit. For added protection, every mountain biker should have a helmet and cycling glasses prior to hitting the trails.

Staying Hydrated

Another important part of mountain biking is being sure you are properly hydrated. Mountain biking is an activity that requires a lot of physical activity, and as such it is important to keep your body hydrated. You should always include some type of liquid in your gear. Having a hydration backpack is easier than carrying a water bottle, and it is also beneficial as it will give you something to carry the rest of your gear and tools in. In the event you don’t own a hydration pack, you should bring along at least two bottles of water.