Breakdowns – How to Avoid Them and What to Do If they Happen

There are different types of Mountain Bike Breakdowns, How to avoid them and what to do if they happen is a key response that people who ride Mountain Bikes should know how to deal with.

Many things can go wrong with a Mountain Bike.

Each of the different types of repair issues that face Mountain Bikes can normally be anticipated. For the most part, Mountain Bike Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them and What to do if they happen is similar to other types of bike riding and recreational activity. A lot of pain and heartache can be avoided if you do some planning ahead.

Not everyone has the same type of Mountain Bike, and not everyone ride trail rides. But there are some types of mechanical issues that are common to all sorts of Mountain Bikes. Here are some of the common issues.

Flat Tire- If you have a flat tire on a Mountain Bike you will not be able to function until you are able to repair it. It will lead to balance or braking issues, or a lack of steering. To repair you basically either patch the inner tube, or replace the inner tube. Replace the inner tube, and slice the old tube all the way around, making a strip of rubber in a circle. Put it in the tire around the new tube and this will make it more puncture resistant. Inflate the new tube a little more than normal to help make it more puncture resistant.

Clicking Noise- Normally this is due to something on the Mountain Bike being loose. Take a moment, and try to find the loose item, and tighten it. It can be the one of the simplest fixes.

Rubbing Noise on Bike- Often a Mountain Bike will need lubrication, and noises will be made to go away if the bike is kept properly lubricated. This will also be a repair solution for Creaking or groaning noises.

Most of the tricks involved in dealing with Mountain Bike Breakdowns, How to Avoid Them and What to Do if they happen involves correctly identifying what is wrong. If you can know and figure out what is wrong, then that is more than half the battle.

Mountain Bikes are equipment simple. That means that while they are complex in some ways, the different things that can go wrong are fairly straight forward. If the steering seems loose or wrong, then it likely needs to be tightened up and adjusted.

If the tire pressure is low, then inspect for a leak, and increase pressure to where the tire is firm to the push. Most different Mountain Bike problems are easy to deal with if you have some basic tools, and have some supplies such as extra tire inner tubes.

No matter what time of Mountain Bike you have, if you anticipate different Breakdowns, how to avoid them and what to do if they happen will come naturally to you, based on knowing what to do, and having some supplies on hand if it does happen.