Common Trail Riding Mistakes

There are certain things that many people that ride Mountain bikes make, and these are Common Trail Riding Mistakes. They are made my people on a regular basis, and serve to illustrate different things that people tend to do that ride Mountain Bikes.

The Common Trail Riding Mistakes that people make are common, and are made by all different types of people. Some of them are:

Shifting Errors- People will often think that shifting down shows a lack of strength, or for some other reason they will avoid shifting. This is one of the most Common Trail riding mistakes, the gears and gear ratios are there for you to access, not to ignore.

Poor Riding Gear- Riding a Mountain Bike takes a lot of energy, but it also gives people exposure to the elements, and they should wear the right kind of Mountain Bike apparel. If you do not know what to wear, talk to people who ride, and consider the type of weather in your area. For the most part it’s a good idea to layer your clothing, and you should wear a good pair of shoes, study cycling shorts, eye protection and an helmet.

Other than that the type of riding clothing will vary depending on how conditions are in your area.

Poor Bike Maintenance- Most people try to keep their bikes up, but its easy to not pay attention and to let your bike get into a poor condition. For most people its just as simple as keeping an eye on your bike to keep things tight and adjusted. If you will do this, then you will have a lot less breakdowns and not get stranded out from the nearest repair areas.

Not Looking Ahead- It is surprising how many people stare at their front tire when they ride. Its important to keep your vision fixed on the area a few seconds ahead of your vehicle.  If you do this then you will crash less and have a  much more enjoyable ride.

Bad Traction- While it seems simple, its important to choose a path that has good traction. Choosing a path through deep sand, or loose gravel can lead to a lost of traction and even your bike spinning out of control.

Back Brake Dragging-  For some reason many people use their back brake excessively. This is known as Back Brake dragging, and it can wear your brakes unevenly, and cause your tires to wear unevenly. You should get in the habit of using your front and back brakes at the same time, and to use a light touch when braking in any form or function.

Crashing Badly- Many people when they do fall will try and absorb all of the energy from a crash using their arms, and this causes a lot of injuries. Using a policy of taking the crash with your trunk rather than taking the energy with your arms and limbs will keep you from braking and damaging your limbs, potentially braking them.

If you observe this things you will avoid the most common trail riding mistakes and keep yourself and your fellow riders safe while enjoying your sport.