Cycling Is For Everyone

Spending time in the great outdoors with your family can be priceless, and offers many benefits for each person in your family. For instance, family cycling is a great way for families to bond and exercise together. Cycling promotes a healthy heart, lungs, and strengthens the muscles in legs, abdomen, and arms. Studies show that families that exercise together are healthier and happier than those that do not. Here are some tips to get your entire family cycling.

1. Ensure that you have chosen the right bikes for your family. It is important that each person have a bike that fits them correctly. The best way to get fitted for a bike is to visit your local cycling store. There each person can get measured for the perfect bike height. A perfect fitting bike will allow a person to put their feet down on the ground while remaining on the bike seat. If a bike is too large, it can be difficult to stop and control it while riding. Parents often buy bikes for children to grow into. This is alright to do, but keep in mind how hard it will be for your child to stop the bike in an emergency. In addition, many bikes offer the ability to raise the seat to customize the height, making bikes last longer for each child. You will also need to make sure that you have the correct tires for your bike. For durability, hybrid tires would be the best for family bikes. These type of tires are less likely to become flat while running over road debris or small rocks. Mountain bike tires are made for trail riding, and if your family frequently rides on trails or rocky areas, you should consider this type of tire.

2. While cycling, keep it safe. You should take the appropriate steps and use safety equipment such as helmets and pads to prevent injuries. Before going on a ride, you will need to check all the tires. Add air to tires that are low and change flat tires if needed. Furthermore, you will need to check the chains and make sure that none of them are broken and are functioning normally. At times you may need to oil the chains to keep them in good working order. Keeping the bikes well maintained and in perfect working order will help keep your family safe while riding them. Helmets should be a necessity. Head injuries from bike falls can be very serious, and a simple helmet can prevent these terrible injuries. Elbow and knee pads are optional, but should be considered for children who are more likely to fall off their bike. Carrying a small first aid kit is recommended for long bike rides. These little kits can come in handy for cleaning and treating cuts and scrapes. Last but not least, you should always have water with you while riding your bike. Cycling is exercise and staying hydrated will keep you healthy.

3. Include everyone in your cycling plan. Babies enjoy spending time with their families and being outside. Little ones are usually ready for a bike seat around twelve months of age. If you have toddlers, consider purchasing a bike trailer that hitches to an adult bike. Many bike trailers also convert to strollers, which make them nice for taking a ride to the park or playground. It is important that babies and young toddlers also wear helmets while in a bike seat or trailer. Smaller helmets are usually available at cycling stores, but can be purchased at some toy stores and online.

4. Make cycling with your family a regular event. To reap the most benefits from cycling together, consider making it a routine for your family. The enjoyment that your family gets from cycling will help your relationships thrive. In addition, children who are active typically sleep better at night and are healthier than other children. For the best results, a good rule of thumb is to try to cycle for at least thirty minutes three times a week. If your family cannot do that, it is alright. You will still gain benefits from cycling every once in a while together.