Downhill Mountain Biking

Many people enjoy riding, and for some the sport of Downhill Mountain Biking is the answer for them. It is its own specific sport, and Downhill Mountain Bike riding is very rewarding and enjoyable.

The sport of Downhill Mountain Biking is a sport that is time regulated, and gravity assisted. It is a sport where riders will race against each other and against the clock, it is common to start about 30 seconds or a minute apart.

The riders that earn the fastest time win prizes, and the sport is one that has a lot of discipline. Downhill Mountain Biking is a sport that is held often on steep terrain with no climbing sections. It requires a lot of skill, the speeds that Downhill Mountain Biking can achieve are truly swift, a lot faster than other types of Mountain and recreation biking.

The sport of Downhill Mountain Biking and Downhill bicycle racing is fairly young. The first competitive style races for Downhill Mountain Biking began around 1976. It was held in California and featured early crude single speed bicycles using coaster style brakes.

During the 1980s the sport of Mountain Biking began to become more and more popular, and thus the style and design of the bikes changed also. The sport has continued to grow, and the equipment used is still limited in terms of the suspension that is installed on the Mountain bikes that are used in Downhill Mountain Biking.

There have been a lot of people that were involved in BMX type racing that have made the crossover to Downhill Mountain Biking. These are people used to a challenge, and manning the different types of Mountain Bikes that are used in Downhill racing has proven to be a bigger thrill for many people than the BMX racing that they originally started with.

There are certain rules that are involved in Downhill Mountain Biking. The Size of the bikes are regulated, and it has to weigh (without the rider) between 30 to 50 pounds. It uses a different type of suspension and the center of gravity is centered further back than in other types of bikes.

Downhill Mountain Biking equipment can be very expensive, the entry level of equipment for this sport starts out around $2000 dollars and goes up swiftly from there. There are many people around the world in other countries, and Downhill Mountain Biking racing events are being increasingly held by other nations located around the world.

The Sport of Downhill Mountain Biking is on that is becoming more and more popular and that is increasing in the numbers of participants. It is especially popular across Europe, which has a lot of different mountains and hills that are conducive to Downhill Mountain Biking events.

In the United States there are a number of events that are held each year in California, and Colorado, which are the two main states that feature Downhill Mountain Biking events. While the sport is gaining in popularity, Downhill Mountain Biking will continue to attract both fans and participants.