Mountain Bike Mainteance

If you are a mountain bike owner and enjoy having a well maintained bike, it is important
for you to be able to do normal mainteance on your mountain bike. Having the ability to
perform good mainteance on your bike, you will be giving yourself much more enjoyment and
you will also be saving yourself a great deal of money. Instead of having someone else do
mainteance you can do it all yourself!

You can save yourself a great amount of money if you learn how to repair any problems with
your mountain bike. You will also feel much more confident when going out for your daily
rides. You will be able to have the capability to go out to new places with rougher roads
knowing that your bike is maintained correctly. By doing your own mainteance you are saving
money simply because if you have any problems or any parts break on your bike you are able
to fix these things on your own, which means you will not need to hire a bike mechanic to do
the work. Also, you will not be spending so much money to replace parts, when you can just
go out and buy the parts and not get charged the extra money for someone else to install

The most important thing to remember if you plan on doing your own mainteance is to purchase
the proper tools needed to perform mainteance on your bike. All you will need to start are
basic tools, and then later on you can purchase more advanced tools once you begin learning
more about your bike and what type of parts it uses. Most bike shops will sell the right
tools that you will need.

When riding your bike around anywhere, you should always try to carry a small tool kit with
you. There are complete tool kits with the basic tools needed for repairs. These kits are
much better to carry with you rather then the ones that you normally use at home. Do a test
on the tools that you plan to carry with you to ensure they work properly. You never know
when you might come across an obstacle that could break a part on your bike and you need to
have the tools with you to repair it.

Aside from knowing how to do repairs, the most important way to keep up with the mainteance
of your bike is by keeping it clean. This should be done on a regular basis, and should be
done correctly to keep the bike in the best condition. The best time to clean your bike will
be as soon as you finish riding it. You can either wipe it down with a wet cloth or wash it
with hot water and any type of soap. Once you finish washing the bike be sure to rinse it
thoroughly or wipe it down. This will help prevent any dirt from getting into places that
might cause problems with parts.

The next thing to do when performing mainteance on your bike is to occasionally use
lubricant on the chains. This will keep the bike working properly and will keep the chains
in good condition longer. There are many different types of lubricants, so it is up to you
which one works the best. The best time to apply lubricant to the chains is the night before
you plan on using it, which will allow the lubricant to work into the chains. You should
also be checking the air pressure in all of the tires regularly and changing the tires when
needed. You should learn to fix any holes that may be in your tires to ensure that you are
safe while riding.

There are many other things that you should check regularly such as brake pads, and bolts.
Make sure that your brake pads are not wearing down and when you notice that they are it is
highly recommended that they be replaced. It can be very dangerous riding around if the
brakes have the chance to give out. Make sure all bolts are secure and tight.