Mountain Bikes for Fitness

Mountain biking is not only a exciting, exhilarating, fun outdoor activity, but its also a great exercise that incorporates strength training with cardio and endurance. Mountain biking also does wonders on your self esteem and sense of achievement after completing a 7 mile bike ride. So mental health and physical health are affected positively when using a mountain bike.

When on a mountain bike you are constantly working you calf muscles, feet, ankle, and thighs while your biking. Mountain biking is a great way to tone your legs and give them that nice, lean look that’s eye catching. When bicycling fast you are working your heart tremendously and strengthening your lungs and that will provide you with endurance throughout other physical activities you do in your life. When bicycling uphill, it can be a real challenge for those who like challenges. Mountain biking uphill is a strength workout to the definition. Your lower half of your body isn’t the only part that’s working. Your shoulders, arms, abs, back and arms are all working hard trying to get you up that hill.

Mountain biking is a good exercise to get involved in for strengthening your body and mind for other sports. If you play basketball and your a guard, that position involves you to have quick feet. Mountain biking at high speeds not only gives your legs endurance to run point guard for all four quarters but also strengthens your calves but also due to the biking uphill your upper body becomes sturdier. As a guard, using mountain biking will help you be able to drive to the basket wit with stronger and faster bursts of speeds.

Mountain biking on a daily basis or every here and there not only affects you physical health but it effects your mental health as well. Time after time beating your old times that you set can give you the confidence that you can achieve anything. Pushing your body past it limits and surviving the ride is an experience you hold onto and cherish. For example, Lance Armstrong can bike for 20-40 miles non stop, at a top speed because he has pushed his body to the limit and lived to tell about it. Accomplishing a long bike ride once and beating all your old records gives you the swagger you need to help you build confidence that you can carry in your everyday life.

Mountain biking not only gives you a solid, toned beach body but the achievement of reaching personal goals and improving physically gives you a confidence like no other. Mental health and physical health are interconnected to providing a person with optimum mind and body. Every physical activity that you do or sport that you play will be affected by your mountain biking by making you stronger and able to do things on the playing field much better than you normally would. Mountain biking is definitely a exercise that will make you a healthy individual inside and outside. Mountain biking is a sport that is fun and hardworking.