Protect Your Bicycle from Theft

iStock_000008171099XSmallDitching the road and gas for a good clean bike ride is great fun, but sometimes you have to worry about the negative aspect of things. Although you may not commit crimes and seek out trouble, there are others out there that don’t mind stealing your bike, and it is your job to protect it. Not only is theft of your bicycle possible, but the chances of getting a squad of police to locate your bike is slim to none, as most are working on higher profile cases.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in protecting your bicycle from theft as it is the grim possibility within today’s society. Whether you are in an urban or rural area, you are at risk of losing your bike and there is no excuse to let it happen. It is your responsibility to keep your ride safe, and that means taking precautions and utilizing tools to ensure you are safe from theft.

Find a Top Quality Lock
Any lock is not going to do. The chances of someone breaking a cheap lock are high, and the only way to prevent your lock from being tapped is to get the highest quality in locks. There are several retailers, wholesalers, and individuals online that can offer great deals on heavy duty, unbreakable locks, but the price will be a bit higher than the average lock. The benefits of using a heavy duty lock is that there is less you have to do, but reality still shows that further measures may be needed as not all poles, bike posts, and other measures of chaining your bike are effective.

Remove the Removable Pieces
If you ever park your bike, remember to remove all the pieces that can be removed. This includes any types of lights, horns, or any other pieces that can be detached and stolen from your bike. Although these pieces may be relatively inexpensive, they can also be essential to your use of the bike, and you just don’t want to lose your stuff to theft. This method may be a bit more work, but will definitely ensure that nothing is stolen off a chained bike, or that there are no parts tempting the theft of your entire bike.

Utilize a Personal Alarm for Your Safety as Well
Not all thieves wait until you have left your bicycle before they attempt to steal it. When traveling on hike trails or within isolated areas, you are even more at risk of being attacked for your bike and must take measures to protect yourself and your bike. A personal alarm device is excellent in providing this measure, offering portable, convenient protection. The small device can be held in your pocket, on your keychain, or even on the handles of your bike, with a simple button to push when you feel you are in danger, emitting a loud noise to scare assailants and alert a crowd.

Utilize Hiding Places
If you are out in the wilderness enjoying your bike ride and decide to get off to enjoy nature on foot, try to utilize the various hiding places nature provides. Large brushes, shrubs, trees, and even small coves and enclosed areas are excellent for keeping your bike out of harm’s eye. If it isn’t seen, it is not likely to become prey to theft. Preventing the theft of your bike requires that you remain ahead of the game, keeping your property safe. Leaving your bike in the open, even with the chains and removal of removable pieces is just not a safe choice if you don’t want to be a possible victim of theft.

The most important thing you can do to prevent the loss due to a theft of your bicycle is to register your bike. This is simple and inexpensive and will ensure that if your bike is taken, it is easy to relocate. You have to take the appropriate steps in ensuring your bike is yours forever and never stolen, but with the grim facts of theft today, you have to do a little extra to make sure that not only your bike is safe, but you as well. Using a combination of methods is the best measure to protect your stuff and self.