Reasons to Take Your Children Bicycling

rideb5Why take your child bicycling? There are many reasons that bicycling along with your children can help make them happy and healthy. From small toddlers to teenagers, bicycling has many benefits.


One of the best reasons to go bicycling is to get in much needed exercise. Bicycling is a great way to get in exercise outdoors, and even more so for a child. There is no excuse to not take your child out for a bicycle ride. If you live in the country, there are sure to be many back roads and trails that can accommodate a bike. In the city, look for bike trails and side streets where you and your child can safely take a bike ride. Many large playgrounds and parks offer bike trails, and state parks almost always have miles-long trails for the public to enjoy. Even just a quick can be enjoyable for you both.

Jumping on a bike with your child can ensure that you both get needed exercise. Bicycling can help you lose weight, tighten up muscles, breathe easier and just generally become healthier. Bicycling at a young age can help teach a child the value and importance of exercise, as well. As a parent, you are your child’s biggest teacher, so be sure to take the role seriously. Educate them on the importance of regular exercise, and of the joy of being outdoors on a bike. Biking builds endurance and strength quickly, and can keep your children in shape for other sports and activities they may participate in.

Builds Motor Skills

Learning to ride a bike is a sport that most kids accomplish with some hard work and a lot of patience. Bicycling takes balance, and can help a child build essential motor skills, which helps them in many ways. Learning to ride a tricycle helps build up the leg muscles and build endurance in a young child. Once the training wheels come off, the child must learn balance while peddling, as well as how to brake while peddling. This helps to build up both large motor skills, as well as fine motor skills. Cycling is a great aerobic activity that is low-impact, but which still has many benefits.

Learning how to ride a bike will also give your child a great dose of self-confidence in his or her abilities. Being able to bike for miles will help teach your child that there is no limits to what they can do when they set their mind to it.

Bonding Time

You can easily bond with your child when you take a bike ride together. Find a trail or back street that you can take a leisurely ride on, and take the time to talk about your day, your plans, school, friends, or anything the child wants to discuss. There is no better way to bond then on a bike ride on a sunny day. Forget video games and TV; instead, enjoy time outside with your precious ones by taking a ride together. Bring along a camera to take nature pictures. Make a game of looking for various wildlife, such as squirrels, birds and cats. Pack a small picnic lunch and enjoy a nice afternoon together. There are no limits to the fun you can have bicycling with your children.

Even if you have a small child who is not able to keep up with you on a bike, you can still include them. Simply attach a child carrier to the back of your bike, or a trailer for the child to sit in. Your small child will love having their own seat to ride in, and will enjoy being with you on your bike ride.

Enjoy the time with your children by taking a ride with them on your bikes. You’ll all enjoy the benefits of exercise and bonding while riding through the great outdoors.