The Best Mountain Bikes Available Today

Mountain bikes are dynamic, energetic machines that have the potential to bring out the child and adventurer in people of all ages and from all walks of life. The sport of mountain biking has become more accessible than ever thanks to advantages in technology in bike development. As a result, many people who would previously have been unable to afford to enter the sport have been willing to give it a try. Many find riding to be a rewarding experience, as they get to ride up and down hills with versatile bikes that are capable of handling almost every kind of terrain people are likely to come across. Like other kinds of bikes and equipment, there are all sorts of kinds of mountain bikes to choose from, from trials bikes to all mountain bikes to downhill bikes to cross country bikes. It can be advantageous to pick a bike that is a good all rounder and capable of handling a variety of riding conditions because when you buy a bike that was specifically made to tackle one sub genre of mountain biking, you can easily spend thousands of dollars and find yourself with a bike that isn’t really capable of handling conditions outside of those for which the bike was specifically designed. Presuming you don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend on a mountain bike, you will probably be interested in saving money and finding a good all around bike that can get you on the trails and having fun in less time. This article will provide an introduction to some of the best mountain bikes available today for under $1000 so you can shop on a budget without compromising on your need for safety, reliability, quality, or high levels of performance.

One of the first mountain bikes you should take a look at when shopping for quality on a budget is the Specialized Rockhopper Comp Disc 29. The Rockhopper is available for $830 from Specialized and is a bike with front suspension (also known as a hard tail bike) and an aluminum frame that is lightweight. The front suspension fork is a Rockshox Dart 3 and comes with 8 centimeters of suspension travel and the ability to adjust it for preload values. One of the best features of the Rockhopper, however, is the wheel size, which comes in at 29 inches instead of the standard 26 inches. This allows you to roll over obstacles such as curbs, rocks, and roots with slightly more ease due to the larger diameter of the wheels. The bike is also outfitted with disc brakes (Avid BB5 mechanical brakes in particular) and features an SRAM drivetrain and components.

Another great mountain bike you should take a look at when shopping for quality on a budget is the Giant Yukon. The Yukon is a great alternative for mountain bikers who are looking for a bike that can perform well in a variety of climates and terrains but does not use the trendy modern 29 inch wheel format. The Yukon comes in at $650 and features standard sized 26 inch wheels along with disc brakes provided by Avid BB5. The shifters are Shimano Alivo while the rear derailleur is by Deore. The Yukon is a hard tail mountain bike with RockShox Dart 1 front suspension on the fork and 10 centimeters of suspension travel. The Yukon also has a lightweight aluminum frame and is available in brushed aluminum color options.

Another great mountain bike you should take a look at when shopping for quality on a budget is the Gary Fisher Wahoo. The Wahoo requires even less of your budget, coming in at $550. However, it does not sacrifice performance simply because it takes less from your wallet, and you will still be able to hit single or double tracks out in the woods with ease. The Wahoo uses a similar drivetrain as that found in the Giant Yukon, but the rest of the components are provided by Bontrager. Like the other two bikes described above, the Wahoo is a hardtail mountain bike that offers front suspension. 10 centimeters of travel are available, and the Wahoo comes with linear pull brakes instead of discs.