What to Look for in a Mountain Bike

For the outdoors enthusiast, a good mountain bike is absolutely necessary. There is nothing better than whizzing down a trail, enjoying the adrenaline of a swift ride combined with the beauty of surrounding nature. A well-designed mountain bike will give outdoor explorers years and years of joy and exhiliration.

However, there is no single mountain bike that will work perfectly for everybody. It is important that you select the best mountain bike that will suit your individual desires and needs. But there are thousands of different varieties of mountain bikes, and the innumerable available choices can seem dizzying. The following guidelines will help you to choose the perfect mountain bike for your individual purposes.


Some riders want to purchase a mountain bike simply for an occasional, easy-going tour through a trail or pathway. Other riders want to travel thousands upon thousands of miles on their bikes. While low-frequency riders could get away with a less expensive mountain bike, a more serious rider will need something of a better quality. Thankfully, with the enormous selection of mountain bikes available, a suitable mountain bike can be found for everyone.

Riders should be aware of the different types of mountain bike frames before making a purchase. Hardtail bikes are commonly associated with less expensive bikes, and offer no rear suspension. However, these bikes are very light and are convenient for casual riding. Full-suspension bikes are heavier and more pricey, but can stand up to rugged trails and regular abuse much better than a bike with a hardtail frame. Pay attention to the type of frame on each bike, and make sure that you do not overpay for what should be a cheaper model.

The range of prices for mountain bikes is enormous. You can buy a cheap, low-quality mountain bike for under one hundred dollars at some large chain stores, but there are also professional grade bikes that reach up into the thousands. In all honesty, the extremely cheap bikes probably are not even worth considering. These bikes are made with cheap aluminum frames and are likely to fall apart after a single trail ride. However, with just a tad more money, a lower end bike can be purchased that should be able to hold up to regular trail use. For instance, bikes in the two hundred to three hundred dollar range will work perfectly for casual riders. These bikes can be found at any local bike shop.

With that said, the shocking price of most professional grade mountain bikes is not placed arbitrarily. These bikes provide astounding comfort, great durability, and a smooth riding experience even through bumpy or uneven trails. If you are considering extremely extensive trail riding, then you might want to consider one of these expensive mountain bikes. Generally, the more money you pay for your mountain bike, the better the bike it is going to be.


It is important that you never settle for a bike that does not seem perfectly ideal at the time of its purchase. For instance, a bike seat that seems just a tad bit uncomfortable will quickly become miserably painful after hours of riding. Riders can seriously injure themselves by riding a bike that is the wrong size for them, that is awkwardly designed, or that has poor control.

For this reason, it is best to visit a local bicycle shop when searching for a new mountain bike. These bicycle shops are employed with knowledgeable salespeople who are paid to help riders find exactly what they are looking for. Do not be afraid to tell the salesperson exactly what your requirements are. It is their job to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your purchase. Many small bike shops will let riders take a bike for a ‘test spin,’ enabling customers to get a more precise feel for the bike’s mechanics and styling before making a purchase. Also, if the bike shop does not have a mountain bike suitable for your requirements, many are willing to specially order a model that will precisely fulfill your needs. This kind of customer attention is impossible to find in larger retail stores.