Why You Should Never Store Your Bike Outside

With so many people owning bikes, most have no other place to store their bike other then
outside. This is typically for just about anyone because most people would rather not have
it inside the house or in the way. What people do not realize is how much of a mistake
keeping your bike outside can turn out to be. If you are one of the many people that already
store your bike outside, there are some things that you may want to know. Turns out, you
should never keep your bike outside and here are the reasons why.

If you want your bike to last for a long time and work properly, you should never leave it
sit outside for a long period of time. By leaving it to sit outside you are actually setting
yourself up for more issues that will need to be repaired. Not only will you end up having
more repairs to deal with, but when you go to use your bike it will not ride as great as it
normally would.

When you leave your bike stored outside you are at more of risk of it being stolen. Even if
you have an anti theft device that is intended to protect against a theif, these devices are
not always guaranteed. It may come as a surprise, but most theives are capable of working
around these devices that are supposed to keep your bike secured. There are also many people
storing bikes outside that are much too trusting, which can lead to their bike being stolen.
The easier you make it for a theif, the easier it is for them to steal from you.

The sun and other kinds of weather conditions are very harmful to bikes. During summer the
sun is beating down at extremely hot temperatures. These hot temperatures cause the bike to
begin fading over time and also will dry out the tires, brake pads, seats and pretty much
anything else that is either made of plastic or rubber. The weather changes with different
seasons and when it goes from hot to cold it is also not good for the plastic or rubber on
the bike. Along with weather changes, moisture and salts in the air become a problem. This
will cause corrosion to happen much faster and once it begins it will be a huge issue.

When a bike sits outside for a long period of time the weight from the bike will begin to
weigh down on the tires and will cause the tires to become distorted. This will cause the
tires and the side walls to become weak and unstable in certain areas. Unstable tires can be
very dangerous in the situation that you were riding the bike and the tires give out and

The typical excuse that most people use as to why they do not want to bring their bike in
the house is because it is dirty. Of course that is very understandable but when you leave
your bike outside all the time you really are just going to cause yourself problems in the
long run. You can clean your bike before bringing it into the house and there are many
different storage selves that are intended for bikes being stored inside.