Best Places for Rock Climbing

Have you always had a dream to go rock climbing someday? Many people have a dream to one day climb a mountain, only before finding that it is too late. Maybe a person suffers an injury or gets stuck with a job that consumes one’s life. Before this happens to you, check out these top locations that are perfect for rock climbing. The mountains are gorgeous and the scenery is breathtaking!

1. Yosemite National Park in California
This is one of the world’s most renowned places for rock climbing. The park offers rock climbing for everyone from the beginner to the expert. There are truly challenges for everyone at this gorgeous location. The Merced River Canyon is a favorite amongst Yosemite climbers, in addition to other areas like the Tuolumne Meadows domes. Yosemite even offers the Yosemite Mountaineering School and Guide Service for those that may be looking to learn their first knots. Climbing lessons are offered through this service on a daily basis, beginning at 8:30 a.m.

2. Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
You have probably heard your friends talk about going to the “Rockies.” Everyone who has visited this serene location has only good things to say about it. The Colorado Mountain School has its legal license to teach anyone how to climb the the various parts of the Rockies. If you are up for it, try climbing the Mainliner to gain an incredible panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains. You can also find some of the best granite rock climbing at Lumpy Ridge in the Rockies.

3. Arcadia National Park in Maine
If you want a stunning view of the ocean, then rock climbing in Arcadia National Park may be just for you. This park has some of the best views of the ocean in the country. Try climbing up Otter Cliff and being surprised by the refreshing ocean view that awaits you. In downtown Bar Harbor, you can find two guide services that offer rock climbing lessons. Arcadia National Park is also great, because there are cliffs to climb for people of all ages. The South Wall of the Precipice is one area of the park that offers rock climbing for people of all skill levels. If one is really up for a challenge, then he or she may want to partake in the ice climbing that is also available in Arcadia National Park. However, one must have a courageous spirit to do the ice climbing!

4. Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming
Maybe you would someday like to explore more of “country living” in Wyoming. Just know that this living is anything but boring! Grand Teton National Park can be found in Wyoming and offers some great rock climbing experiences for the adventurous at heart. The Grand Teton is one of the best mountains to climb and is very popular amongst even climbing experts in the country. The Jackson Hole Mountain Guides and School offers lessons that specifically cater to the Grand Teton National Park.

5. Red Rock Canyon in Nevada
This is another great place to climb for a unique rock climbing experience. The red mountains offer an experience unlike any other. The gorgeous red hues that can be found on these rocks is stunning. You will be captivated by the range of colors that can be found on the Red Rock Canyon. There are also many instructors in the area that offer lessons for everyone from beginners to advanced climbers. Try climbing the Red Rock Canyon and staying for the sunset- it is a once in a lifetime experience!

These are just a few of the best places for rock climbing throughout the country. If you want a unique experience that you will remember forever, then try going to one of the places listed in this article. Each gorgeous place has something special about it that will captivate your most adventurous spirit!