How To Rock Climb- Standard Gear And Equipment

What better way to become one with nature than to climb that majestic rock formation that you have admired for so long. Rock climbing is not only a sport but a way to achieve that inner goal of accomplishment and go somewhere that so few only dream of. Although it does take some practice, training, and the right equipment, but with those three items under your belt you will be rock climbing in no time.

Here is a list of items that are considered a must have when you embark on the adventures of rock climbing.

-Shoes made specifically for rock climbing
-Helmet to protect your head
-Gloves to protect your hands
-Belay device
-Chalk bag

Safety is key when doing any type of sport. And with these items it not only ensures your safety in the long run, it makes your rock climbing experience a good memory and something you will want to do more than just once.

Rock climbing takes a good bit of endurance. So your physical strength should be at its peak before you begin. If your physical strength is lacking, it is best to start some sort of weight training at a local gym. That way you can build your strength up for the adventure of a lifetime. A climber relies on several factors to successfully climb a rock formation. Skill, strength, endurance, and balance is the four factors any rock climber needs to have in order to rock climb. If you don’t have these four factors your climb could result in serious injury and lack of energy. Always remember that rock climbing literally uses every muscle in your body including your concentration.

While the views of the majestic mountains are something for the eyes to take in, to a climber it is something far more beautiful. But the beauty of rock climbing shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a very dangerous sport and should be treated like one. It is best to be a safe climber by starting out with the basics and then moving to the next level only after the basic level is mastered.

Some climbers start indoors to start there training for that next level. It is recommended to start there first till you become comfortable with the equipment and with rock climbing itself. When you decide you are ready for the real thing take a friend with you. Someone that is skilled in rock climbing. That way you can have someone spot check your gear to ensure it is all working properly and worn correctly. And it is good to have someone there to help you along on your journey and give pointers if you find yourself stuck in one place or another.

Remember to always pace yourself. Don’t rush out to climb Mount Everest just yet. Build yourself up along the way. Take your time and enjoy your new found sport. That way your skill is building properly and you will be less likely to injure yourself due to lack of experience.