Rock Climbing: Free Soloing

In sports, there are many things that a person can do that they find that is specifically their favorite part about participating. Like on the baseball field, people enjoy pitching, or on the football field people enjoy being the quarterback. Not just because these things are leadership positions, but this they require a certain kind of specialized skill that makes the sport more enjoyable for them. Not everyone can do it, as it requires this skill, as well as a certain devotion to the craft that people can honestly say that they enjoy. These specific positions are all about pressure, and not everyone can handle it. Such is the case in rock climbing, and although is it debatable if rock climbing is an actual team sport or not, there is still much pressure and the “clutch” ability that is associated in climbing a rock face.

In rock climbing, there is simply nothing more clutch than performing, especially when a person is using the free soloing method to climb. This is essentially the wild as it gets for rock climbers, as it is just about as bare as it gets, bringing man (or woman) to the mountain for an intimate meeting. Free soloing is a method that not even a few people go through often, as it is considered to be the most dangerous of the sport. The person who does free soloing foregoes just about everything, including life-essential harnesess and ropes. Obivously, this is not for those who are faint at heart. Attemtping to do this method of a climb is something that requires a tremendous amount of skill for the person who wishes to partake in this, and many people that have can simply say that it is invigorating to no end. People who have enjoyed free soloing have also said that it is probably the best experiences that they have ever had in the lives, awakening something within themselves that makes them enjoy life that much more. In free soloing climbing, there is also some of the heftiest of prices to be paid, those of life and death. Although many people who do free soloing do not die, it is a shocking reality that they all have to consider before they even attempt the climb.

It is definitely not advisable to the novice to even think about free soloing, and many experts would often agree that doing so isn’t even suitable for themselves. But for those select few who feel as if it is for them, it is something that is definitely worth the effort, and they find it hard to go back to regular climbing, unless it is for training purposes. One can expect when attempting to free solo that they have prepared for whatever their target is, and can also expect that they are in the best shape to climb the wall or mountain without having to worry about being physically able to commit to the job without having to pay a hefty fine.