Rock Climbing History

There are a lot of colorful and thought-provoking stories to a history of any given sport. Some of them involve a lot of ingenuity, and others are created by accident. Regardless of the specific sport, or how it got started, therein lies a history that is very important to a great amount of people. Some people are very thankful that a certain sport was started, whether it be by accident or deliberate, because it is a huge part of their lives. These people have a lot of things to thank to the person, or group of people who have invented their favorite sport, and can attribute a lot of happiness to the person’s legacy. This is simply no different from rock climbing, something that has an amazing history throughout the years.

People have been enjoying the sport of rock climbing for nearly one hundred years in its modern form, but the actual sport comes from the sport of mountaineering, something that was very popular as long as the world has been round. People have always wanted to explore something, and as long as people have had the pioneer spirit, there has been some form of mountaineering. Back when mountaineering was popular with people, they had to traverse any terrain that stood before them to get wherever their desination was, which often times was quite a long way to go. These people hiked, ran, and even climbed large ice walls to get to their destination. These people were some of the most rugged people to ever sport, and they are responsible for the modern form of rock climbing. Mountaineering was something that was done as a way to chart the uncharted, to try to defy nature, and many of these people did it. As one can expect, the arhaic methods that they used were not exactly some of the safest, and many people have unfortunately died because of it, as they did not have the modern conveniences when it comes to climbing as we do today. But, they paid that heavy price so people like us can climb freely today, and have some of the best times of our lives.

As rock climbers, people owe it to the mountaineers of yesterday who showed us that there is definitely fun to be had when exploring and climbing, and although we do not do it like they did in those days, there is still quite a risk that is being taken by those who take up this amazing sport. Rock climbs today are a bit more controlled than they were back in the hundreds of years before this one, but the spirit remains much of the same. There is a lot of risk, and on the other side of this risk, there is also the fact that the rewards associated with rock climbing or mountaineering are the same. The ultimate goal of these climbs is to become one with nature, and taking in all of the beauty that the world can essentially offer a person.