Rock Climbing: Terms

In every sport, there are terms that are mostly used for that sport. These terms are meant for everything that happens in the sport, whether it be instructions or to explain how something happens. In American football, you have touchdowns and sacks and things. In baseball, there are the strikes and balls. There are also many different sports and terms for everything that happens and the like, something that is most indiginous to that particular sport. In rock climbing, there is obviously no difference, as the community of rock climbers would agree, and many have welcomed these words to be apart of their daily mantras.

Rock climbing terms are some of the most clever of terms, and can mean a great many things in the world of rock climbing. They stem from jokes that have been broadened through the close knit community of rock climbers, to more common terms meaning up or down, considering where a person is on the rock face. Many of the more common terms dealing with rock climbing date back to the days of mountaineering, a sport that was popular before the days of rock climbing, something that a few people still enjoy these days. Obviously, a few of these terms have been edited and changed, depending on what part of the world a person is from, but they still have some of the same meanings. These terms in the sport gives it more character and more personality, something that is vitally important when dealing with sports and making it relevant to the people who enjoy it, not that it particularly needs to be for the millions who have made rock climbing their lives. The terms used in rock climbing are those who have roots in many different languages where the sport was first popularized, and although certain slang has been developed, people can still trace back their meanings in these other languages.

Rock climbing is a sport where these terms are very important, like in many sports, but in a tight community that is the rock climbing society, these things seem to mean so much more for the people who hear them in their everyday lives. The fact that these people can speak their own language is something that is to be very proud of, and this is important because it brings the people who enjoy thi fantastic sport closer together, and it instills the fact that this is still a team sport, even if there is only one person on the mountain or rock face at one time. Rock climbing, and the terms associated with it, are those that will be remembered through time as being some of the most colorful terms known to a sport, even if they are edited and changed through the history of the sport. To the prospective rock climber, be sure that these terms are respected and used correctly, and be proud of the fact that these terms are now a part of their lives, even if only temporarily.