Styles of Rock Climbing

There are many things a person can do for fun, depending on what they like to do, obviously. One of the best ways for a person to have a great life is so choose something that they love to do and do it as much as possible, this helps to improve the quality of a person’s life, as well as promote good health. It reduces the level of stress that a person has, and helps people make some decisions that can be hard on them. Picking one of these activities may be hard for some people, and sometimes they come naturally, but once this particular method has been chosen, people just fall in love. One of these activities that people have come to find solace in is the sport of rock climbing, something that people have come to absolutely adore in the coming years. Rock climbing has been around for a long time, but it was popularized as a sport in the early 1920’s, when it came to national prominenece as aid climbing. Over the years, more and more styles of this fantastic sport have been more apparent.

After aid climbing, a style of rock climbing that uses just natural or artifical footholes, was probably the first style of rock climbing that the world has seen. This was undoubtedly popular on its onset, and it is still finding much success with people just starting out, as it is the style that is most seen in many socieities throughout the world. With new developments in the world of rock climbing, there are several more that people like to enjoy. One of these methods is called bouldering, something that is generally amazing, and probably the second most common form of rock climbing. This type of rock climbing consists of low routes and not much protection from the terrain, with the exception of maybe a bouldering pad or spotter directing the climber from any danger that they may be at risk of. Although this is slightly more dangerous since there is not much protection like aid climbing, it is still wildly popular in rock climbing communities throughout the world.  Like bouldering, free soloing is something that uses the same techniques, except it can be far trickier.

Free soloing is a technique that is similar to bouldering, but there is really no protection when it comes to this method of rock climbing. When free soloing, a person can expect for the climb to be slightly more nerve wracking in a sense, the altitude seems to be a lot higher, and one can expect that they are not necessarily a novice when it comes to climbing, as the stakes are probably the highest that anyone can pay when enjoying a sport such as rock climbing. It definitely has its dangers, but once a person can overcome that, and with proper preparation, they will find out that this particular method of climbing is probably one of the best things the human body is capable of.