Family Hiking Trips with Children

When you are hiking with a family or as a family, you not only need to worry about all of the items that an adult might need but also all of the items that any child might need along with any information you may need beforehand. So here are some helpful tips for when you are hiking with a child in your company. The first tip is to make sure that you start slow. You will want to ease a child into longer hikes and try to have their always be a destination to work towards. Children love when their destination is something rewarding such as a view of a waterfall or something else equally amazing.

Another tip is to keep a speed that is steady and slower for a child so that their muscles are not damaged and so that they stay within what their physical limits may be. If you are going on a longer hike you may even want to give your child a piggy back ride or help them if they get too tired so that they do not strain their legs while hiking with you. A child is more likely to enjoy hiking if pain is not involved.

Help a child make small discoveries as you travel. You can bring small handbooks with you or have the knowledge already of what the items and surroundings or parts of nature are. Telling your children or any other children accompanying you about these parts can help them stay entertained. You will of course also want to have water and other emergency items for all members with you whether children or adults.

Moleskins can be very important. If your child or even an adult get a blister, moleskin can stop them from getting an infection but can also protect the blister and cushion it so that it is not nearly as painful. This can make getting a blister a less painful side effect of hiking for longer amounts of time. While moleskin is important so is having extra clothing for the rain or for if you end up needing it for other reasons.

One great thing about hiking with a child is that they are able to take the lead and set a pace that they are comfortable with. This can not only help them stay within their limits but can also help other members of the group you are hiking with. And for these young leaders you will want to make sure you have food that they are willing to eat in larger amounts then you may need of adult’s food. Children are known to be very picky about what they will or will not eat while they are hiking and it can decide if they will be comfortable or not which can also make the trip more enjoyable or less enjoyable for the child and the people who will be accompanying the child. Lastly, you should always remember that it is possible to have a great time exploring the outdoors with a child, they may even notice some things you may not.