Hiking Clothes – What to Wear on the Trail

When you head out to hike on the trail, there are certain types of clothing that you should wear for a more comfortable time. One of the first and most important things that you have to consider is the type of shoes you will be wearing. When you are out hiking, you want to have a pair of quality boots that go up over your ankle at a minimum. This gives your foot the support it needs in case you slip or fall on a steep trail. The boots should be made of leather, preferably with a Gortex liner that keeps it waterproof. The soles should give you a good grip while walking on a variety of surfaces.

Wool socks or wool blend are best for keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Good hiking socks will wick, or pull moisture away from your feet while you are walking. If you have to cross a stream, wool material will also give your feet good grip on slick and smooth rocks on the bottom. Another wonderful aspect of wool is that it does not keep smells as much as cotton does. Cotton will not absorb moisture as well, and can often rub against your skin, causing blisters.

Your shirt and pants should be long sleeved and fit comfortably to your body. One reason for this is to protect you from the sun. Even on cloudy days, you can sustain a burn if outside for several hours. Sporting goods companies make a variety of clothing for the outdoors using blends of wool and other materials. For regular hiking, a lightweight shirt and a sturdy pair of pants are the best choice. Cotton will not keep sweat off of your body as well, so a wool blend is also good here. Long sleeves and pants will also give you better protection against chiggers and ticks. If the weather is warm, you can wear a t-shirt underneath the long sleeved one so that you can take on off if you get too warm.

Another key piece of clothing is a good hat. A ball cap is good for keeping the sun out of your eyes, but a hat with a wider rim is preferable. It will also keep the sun off of your neck and give better protection to your face. Many of these are made from light materials so that they are breathable and comfortable even in warm weather. If you wear a pair of sunglasses, you will provide the best protection for your face from the sun.

Depending on the weather in the area where you will be hiking, it is a smart idea to have a rain suit in your pack. This usually consists of a pair of pants and a jacket with a hood. At the least you should have a lightweight jacket with a hood that is made from a sturdy material. This will offer you protection from the weather if it changes quickly.

These are basic clothes that you should wear on the trail, but it can vary depending on where you will be hiking. Before you go out, find out about the terrain and weather that you will be out in. This will decide to a large extent the kind of clothes that you should wear.