Hiking with Etiquette

When most people think about hiking, they do often do not give much credit to how there is a need for people to have a certain amount of etiquette while they are hiking. Hiking with etiquette is very important to many people, as this means that a hiker’s journey can be traveled without any worry for their own safety or the safety of others. To the surprise of many, there is indeed a list of items that should be reviewed for anyone who wants to go hiking with etiquette.

One of the most important aspects that many hikers appreciate for hiking with etiquette is to hike in solitude. This is because there are many hikers that feel as though their trip to the top of a preface is the most important means of being one with nature. Due to this, many hikes are often seen as spiritual journeys, and are therefore one of the top means of hiking with etiquette. Even those that will hike in a group will often state that they wish to hike in solitude, as it is a means of being much more centered and focused on the hike and a time for inner reflections. It is also important that if there is another hiker that is on the mountain, to give them the right of way, especially if they are on the right hand side. This is often known as common courtesy for hiking with etiquette. Taking the time to enjoy beautiful attractions, such as waterfalls, are also known to be a great means of breaking away from a hiking group to have a few moment of inner peace. It is important, however, that if hiking in a group, that the etiquette is followed through by telling other hikers that there are moments that are needed to collect one’s thoughts while on the hiking journey.

For others that may also be interested in hiking with etiquette, there is a second rule that should be followed to complete an adequate hiking adventure. Although it may seem as though it is common sense, many people need to know that hiking in silence is also considered as a means of hiking with etiquette. This is because many do believe that it is rude to talk loudly and at great length while hiking. Going back to the peace seeking, there are many that will only want to talk when they are talked to, or if there is a question from other team members in a hiking group. It is important for many to know that the sounds of nature are what should carry over as a means of hiking with etiquette.

The last main, but perhaps greatly important as the other etiquette rule, is to make sure that there is great deal of respect that is given towards the earth while hiking. Appreciating all of the sights and sounds that the earth has to offer is often cherished by many. If camping while hiking, it is important to make sure that the campgrounds are left pristine, with all camp fires being extinguished, and trash picked up. Hiking with etiquette is  important for many people, and is appreciated by all hikers.