California Spelunking Adventures

Have you ever wanted to participate in a adventure in the land of the Gold Rush? Or travel to California and see some of the different mines, caves and spelunking opportunities that have been in existence since brave adventurous miners first took to the hills in the 1840’s?

Well you are able to take a trip back in time in regions of California that feature some of these different locations. The Gold Clift Mine Adventure Trip is one that takes visitors deep into the area of the Golf Rush, where many miners made or broke their fortunes. Tons of Gold and silver have been removed from some of these locations, and they still feature some of the most interesting guided tours under ground

You will begin your trek at the entrance to the Gold Clift Site, and be able to meet the person that will guide you on your trip, sign the necessary paperwork and waivers, and obtain your gear. During its prime years the site was a main gold mine and produced about 3 million in gold during its production run.

As a Spelunker after you get your gear you will receive a brief surface tour and talk where they will talk about the history of the site, the Gold Rush and the history of the mine from 1899 to about 1920.

You will descend into the chambers and deeper passages of the mine. It features hiking, climbing and crawling,, and is a great trip to try and figure out if Caving and Spelunking is something that you wish to do. The gear includes knotted hand lines and you will work as a team with your guide making sure to observe safety at all times.

Overall the distance that you travel will be about a mile, and while it is a little physically challenging most people find it within their ability. You will deal with loose rubble, and gravel as well as underground features typical in abandoned mines and caverns.

The deepest that the mine ever extended is about 1900 feet beneath the surface and while you will not come near that depth you will still have an opportunity to be down and dirty with exploring this fascinating old Gold Mine in the Heart of California Country.

There are two large chambers, a brief raft trip across part of the mine that is flooded and you may see all sorts of interesting things including bats, millipedes and other small rodents that live underground. The trip is eye opening for many people, especially those that are not familiar wth how Gold was mined in the California region.

There is a second mine that is also part of the tour, and it is in a very interesting as the entrance is hidden that overlooks a precipice and a tree covered canopy. You will use hand lines to climb down to get to the actual entrance.

The second mine has a clear water lake that is there part of the year seasonally and also calcite formations. These are some of the more accessible type Gold Mines located in California.

Reservations are necessary and available by telephone at 866-762-2837 toll free or locally at 209-736-2708.