Exploring And Spelunking Deep Caves In Poland

There are different places scattered across Europe that are well suited for Spelunking and Caving, and one of them is located in Poland. You are able to access the Tatras Mountains, which are a beautiful mountain alpine range, including famous Mount Rysy that stands an impressive 8,198 feet tall.

Tourists from around the world gather here for the high caliber of skiing and mountain hiking that is available at different times of the year. But even though thousands and thousands of tourists visit this mountain retreat region most of them are unaware blissfully there is a whole universe to explore- Underground.

Caving and Spelunking is an adventure all in itself, and the Deep Caves in the Tatras Mountains do not disappoint.

There are a handful of caverns that are open to the public that feature very easy access, and they are a good way to “get your feet wet,” so to speak. They are caverns that people that do not live in the region, or that are not Cavers or Spelunkers themselves are not aware of.

You can be amazed at the caves that feature limestone smooth walls, studded with stalagtites and stalagmites and one case, called Mrozna Cave is stretched out lengthwise an amazing 1,676 feet long.

A local underground tour is another place to start, it takes a path winding underneath the mountain range and goes through beautiful underground scenery and underground streams.

With the fall of Communism and the independence of Poland from the former Soviet Union, Poland has emerged as one of the safest and more popular places to visit in Eastern Europe. It is a place that welcomes tourists and visitors, the people are warm and friendly and most places take American U.S. Dollars readily.

Don’t worry about getting in trouble, one of the most modern and highly trained Alpine Rescue teams in the world is based nearby. The Tatras Mountain Rescue team also is one of the groups that gives expert tours.

This type of advances spelunking is world class, so if you are just starting out then you may want to keep with the general public tours. However, if you are in good physical shape and you wish to really experience intense Spelunking, a tour with the Tatras Mountain Rescue Team is the ticket to take.

For the public access Caverns, you can reach the tourist office at the Zakopane Poland town via an international phone call at (011-48-18-201-22-11.) or at their web site that is accessible by clicking Here.

If you want to reach the more advanced tour opportunities with the Tatas Mountain Rescue, they can be contacted at (011-48-18-206-34-44) and is by reservation only.  Costs for the advanced tours are around $100- $250 dollars each and includes basic equipment, a guide and other materials.