Investigating Marengo Caves And Indiana Spelunking

There are many fun and interesting places around the country to engage in Caving and Spelunking. It is a sport that can vary from sites where you walk in, and can explore in conditions well controlled without using any ropes or special equipment, to the more challenging caves and hot spelunking spots that deal with ropes, and all of the typical spelunking gear.

In Indiana there is a location called Marengo Cave. It is a about 40 miles west of Louisville Kentucky. It is a favorite for tourists that would like to experience a taste of real spelunking. It is a beginning type of spelunking experience, one that many people can enjoy  and experience what spelunking really is.

Way back in the year 1883 a little girl named Blanche and her brother were walking on a neighbors property located in Marengo Indiana when they entered a cemetery. After walking around for a while, they fell into a sinkhole suddenly, which later became known as Marengo Cave.

Even since little Orris Hiestand and his sister Blanche fell down into and discovered Marengo Cave, it has been an attraction for people to marvel at. The neighbor, a man named Stewart began to charge people a quarter, a princely sum for those days, to look at the cave that the little Hiestand kids had discovered.

Well its not 1883 anymore, the admission for a tour of Marengo Caves has grown till its just under $20 dollars. For a mere $18 bucks you can gain admission and see what the Hiestand children saw, nearly 130 years ago.

While it is a tour that includes a guide, equipment and all the supplies you need, it is a fun and relatively tame Caving experience, suitable for the whole family. If you are reasonably physically active then you are sure to enjoy the experience, and will see areas and Cave sights that many people never get to explore.

The hills of Indiana in this region are limestone and have many geological features that are very cool to observe. You will learn about conservation and cave ecology, as well as being able to get muddy and a little wet, but its all in good safe fun.

The guides for the Marengo Caves give adventurers lights, helmets, knee pads, and show you all that is required to be able to access the caves. You will walk through underground streams, crawl through tight spaces, and dodge boulders of various sizes.

Kids love the Marengo Caves because they can get wet, dirty and muddy and its something that has a lot of exploration despite being with a well trained guide. There is little risk except if you should happen to trip and fall while in the caves, but the guides are hard at work to keep the experience safe for everyone.
There are a number of other cases and adventure sights within a 50 to 100 mile radius, and the opportunities for adventure with a family are nearly limitless.