Spelunking Adventures In The Sierra Nevada Range

There are different places in the Sierra Nevada’s that are available for caving and Spelunking. One such location is the Black Chasm Cavern. It is located to the National Park at the site, and it is a place that is well recommended by local members of the National Speleological Society as a place that is a significant natural attraction for Spelunking.

There are a number of different stalagmites, stalactites, and geological regions that are very beautiful and lovely. Many people that deal with caving and spelunking are pleased at the variety of beginning level caving experience. People are pretty much guaranteed to have a caving and Spelunking experience that will allow them a number of different experiences.

Another location in the Sierra Nevada range is the California Cavern. It is a state historical landmark area, that is open to walking tours, and also more advanced caving trips. Many people get their first opportunity to learn about caving and underground spelunking by visiting this location.

They offer tours seven days a week with some days occasionally excluded. It has been around since 1848 and offers tours in what used to be known as the “Mammoth Cave.” It has been one of the longest running tour sites in California, and it used to be much shorter because the Cave system has been explored more in depth since.

The beauty of the Mammoth Cave system is made up of crystal and crystalline formations that have been built up over millions of years. It features a number of different Speleothems such helicites and other materials that are very rare in underground caves.

Moaning Cavern is another cave that is part of the same group of caves located in California. It features one of the largest vertical caverns that are available to the public in California. It will hold the entire statute of liberty should it ever need a place to stay, Moaning Cavern would be able to accommodate it, it is that large.

Every year a famous Flute Artist, Mary Youngblood holds a concert pilgrimage to the Moaning Cavern, the unique acoustics make it an experience that will please and delight even the most hardened spelunker or caver. There are other special tours and events held throughout the year.

Finally there is a Sutter Gold Mine tour, this is one that is very handicapped accessible for some of the underground locations. While there are opportunities to take equipment and explore on a guided tour, there are also tram cars that are driven, so if a person can transfer from a wheelchair then they are able to access this type of system of caves.

Reservations are necessary and available by telephone at 866-762-2837 toll free or locally at 209-736-2708. You can also visit their Web Site here.
All of the Sierra Nevada Range is beautiful, but the caving and spelunking opportunities are second to none. Many people come from far and wide to get this opportunity to tour these California caving and Spelunking sites.