Spelunking Adventures In Turkey

If you enjoy Caving and exploring underground then you are officially a Spelunker. It is a group activity in some cases, many families and caving clubs take group expeditions together exploring underground caves and passages.

One of the areas that is being opened up recently for more exploration and tourism is in the nation of Turkey. Turkey has been a popular European tourist destination for a long time, and it has majestic underground caving and passages that are a climbing and adventure paradise opportunity.

Turkey has made Spelunking one of the things that they are trying to market, and so you may hear of trips and guided expeditions. Depending on who offers them, such trips are very often a great deal, because you will have a guide that can show you a new world that awaits underneath the ground.

Stalagmites and Stalactites abound, and underground rivers and streams also. Some of the different Caves located in Turkey are dangerous, and while because it is in a different country there are times that you can visit solo, but it is not advised.

One of the basic safety rules for caving and Spelunking is to always take a guide, especially if you are just starting out or attempting a caving trip in a new area that you have never visited before. This is just common sense, but you would be surprised every year how many people foolishly attempt caving trips with no guide, no clue and no sense.

The overall makeup of Turkey is about 1/3 carbonate rocks. There is a lot of karsification (from the root word Karst) that is made up of erosion limestone and underground passages scattered all across Turkey.

While there are many different caverns and areas to explore the Government of Turkey has worked hard to mark the different passages and underground caves in their country with markers, so that the difficult climbs and hard and dangerous ones are reserved for professionals.

They also provide tour guides for caverns more suited to beginners and Intermediate Cavers. It is an excellent location and located in the North and South East Anatolia of Turkey, and in some places in Konya. Konya is a closed basin system.

Nearly 40,000 known caverns, caves and passages are found in the Nation of Turkey. Both low altitude climbing underground and high altitude caves are to be discovered in the Taurus Mountain Range. Many people are surprised that the people of Turkey often speak English, they are very much seeking tourists and support Americans when they travel to the region, supplying whatever supplies or materials they need when requested.

If you are a person that has been involved in Caving and Spelunking for a while, then a trip to the Taurus Mountain Range may be a good plan for a new caving experience. It is a region very supportive of caving and spelunking expeditions, and has some of the more record setting gaves in the world.