Spelunking The TAG And Adventures In Caving

One of the more adventuresome regions of the United States for Caving is located near the Tennessee- Alabama and Georgia border. The Tri State area of Northwest Georgia is often referred to as TAG (for the acronym of the three state names). It has many different underground caverns and caves, making it one of the best regions in the country to visit if you are seeking to explore new areas in your Spelunking.

Daylight seems just so far into most of these caverns and caves, and there are often bats and the darkest grottoes available in the United States.

Most of these regions have underwater streams and rivers, and as you get closer to exploring any of these caves you can hear the sound of rushing water as new channels and trails are being carved into the limestone by these rivers of water. These streams also deposit new minerals on the cavern floors and walls, and the circle of life continues.

Some of the best Spelunking areas are located around Fox Mountain, Pigeon Mountain, and Johnson’s Creek. You can contact the local Chapter of cave explorers in the TAG region or you can find other outfitters that offer tours in the region.

If you seek information on TAG Cave opening you can find out things at the Dogwood City Grotto at their website www.dcg-nss.org

The Dogwood City Grotto is a club located in Atlanta that meets the first Tuesday of each month, and they welcome new members and visitors.

The feature guided horizontal and vertical tours to their members. They are welcoming and encourage people to join even if not from the area, because being a member of their club means you qualify for different tours, guided Caving and Spelunking adventures, as well as information and education that the club engages in for the benefit of their members.

The Grotto works to find trips and different Caving excursions that are challenging but with the ability of most of their members. They also are at the cutting edge with all of the information about Caves, Spelunking and other opportunities in the TAG region.

Their meetings take place at the REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) near the crossing of Clairmont Road and I-85 in the Atlanta metropolitan region. They gather at the first Tuesday each month at 7pm ET.

If you are just starting out, this is a good idea, joining or affiliating with a Caving club. This is one of the National Speleological Society affiliated clubs that encourages Caving as a hobby, they offer training courses, classes in Caving and Spelunking topics, and cave information issues. They raise funds to help with the preservation and support of Cave and Spelunking access across the region, and it’s a great source of education and information for the person that is just starting out.

They are both a Spelunking Access and Caving support club as well as a social group, so you would be well served to consider joining either their group or a similar one in your area.