Squire Boone Caves And Caverns Offer Spelunking Fun

If you grew up in America in the last half century, its very possible that you might have caught in re runs, or even seen the original TV show “Daniel Boone”. Well, the actual Daniel Boone lived in the 1800s in the United States, and one of the lesser known things about the Pioneer hero was that he discovered a very fine set of caves.

Squire Boone Caves is located about 40 miles from another set of caves, the Marengo Caves in Indiana. One of the best features about Squire Boone Caves, named after Squire Boone and his brother Daniel, who discovered the caves in the 1880s is its rushing water.

These caves are spectacular, and have waterfalls and rushing rivers inside them. Nearby Wyandotte Caves are also noted for its passageways, areas to explore and really large open chambers underground. These are caves that are very ready to be explored, and they offer a number of different exploration experiences for different levels of adventure and different ages.

One of the most important things about engaging in spelunking is to make sure you find a guide to undertake showing you the ropes. Safety should always be first, and it is important to have a guide that is experienced in showing the local area.

Caving is a experience like no other. If you enjoy a challenge and don’t mind getting your feet wet, then you will love the Squire Boone Caverns, and the Wyandotte Caves. You can work at a tour that is relatively simple and easy, or sign up for a guided tour that is more challenging complete with all of the challenges that make Spelunking and Caving so enjoyable.

Different ages and different age groups can participate in exploring the Squire Boone Caves, they are set up well for keeping a day of caving accessible for the whole family. The Caves are well preserved and it is believed that they have not changed a great deal since their start a couple of hundred years ago when first discovered by the Boone Brothers.

Guided Tours are the answer to modern Spelunking Tours and Caving. This is because while it can be a safe and enjoyable sport, it also can be physically challenging, and if you are tired, sore and unfamiliar it is then that people are most likely to get hurt in needless ways.

All of the Caves in the region of Indiana and Kentucky that the Wyandotte Caves and Squire Boone Caves all feature Guided Tours. These are tours that range from very easy to medium level or even advanced level Caving and Spelunking Fun.

The Best bet is to call to make reservations, because you want to make sure that there is a guide available. www.squireboonecaverns.com Squire Boone Caverns Web site or you can reach them by telephone at 812-732-4381