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    Destination Exploration

    I like to float rivers and a find a good sand bar on the inside of a bend.
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    or baited breath. Do not let the lack of facilities deter you from outdoor adventures, especially in a boat.
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    When everything is closed is a good time to venture out. I have camped in a state park before that was closed for the winter. We were on the Colorado River in Feb and landed on the beach.
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    MRE Meals???

    I do not like freeze dried pouches either. A modern grocery store has plenty of single serving items and freeze dried soup, vegetables and fruits. I like real food and will leave something else out to make room for it. Taking the new drift boat on a trip in early June. Then we have room...
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    I only bought four items...

    I just bought a new sleeping bag. First one in about 30 years. I got a synthetic bag, Sea to Summit Traverse, 25 degrees. Good for boat trips. It has great zippers. Full length on the left. Half zip on the right . Foot zip. I will sleeping in it this week out in the trailer. Nights are...
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    I only bought four items...

    I have one of those cots. Great for canoe trips or other boat trips. I am now going mostly in a drift boat.
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    MRE Meals???

    They are heavy, expensive and full of salt and sugar. Otherwise they are fine. Cooking is one of the great joys of camping and living outdoors. The appetite is sharpened. People need the calories from exercising. There is usually time to prepare it. The exceptions might be hunting trips...
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    Finallly some Snow

    The spring east of the Sierra is highly variable. It will be 78 degrees by this weekend, but we still sometimes get snow in May. The secret is to chose the right time to go on a trip. Modern weather forecasting really helps. We have to be flexible to hit the good weather. Patience pays off.
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    Finallly some Snow

    Rain and 5 inches of snow this morning, April 14. People think that Nevada is hot and dry. Not the northern part. We are at 5,000 feet in a valley. It is the Sagebrush Ocean.
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    Hashbrown Casserole for Breakfast

    Sometimes breakfast is what you want no matter what time it is. After a hard day of hunting like in the snow, or slogging along with a pack string in the rain all day, breakfast always sounds good to me. The above recipes sound great, and I enjoy making those types of meals. Sometimes when...
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    Camping and lightening

    Lightening can be bad. Good advice to get off the water and find low spots away from tall trees. I like rock outcrops to hid in. The worst cases of lightening I have experienced has been up high in the Rocky Mountains. In summer it often rains every afternoon around 4:00. Some of those...
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    Building a Campfire revisited...

    I mostly build tipi fires and some without cute names. I vividly remember a sea kayak trip in the San Juan Islands of WA. We were at sea level surrounded by salt water. It was damp all the time, but the rain came for real. We had a fire going but it wasn't doing much. Some guys from Alaska...
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    Hi all. Im newbie.

    Wow a new guy. Welcome to the outfit.
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    I am currently teaching two teen-aged brothers to ride horses. They had Crack Parents and are...

    I am currently teaching two teen-aged brothers to ride horses. They had Crack Parents and are wards of the State. They are the first kids I have worked with that really want my help. So I am giving it to them. We are going to do some hiking besides our one day a week horse work. I have a...
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    Commandments - make that RULES

    Rules are a slippery slope, but kids need some. The Code of Conduct is important. We learned some important stuff in Scouting. Respect is the main theme I like to give kids. Respect themselves, their friends, strangers, plants, wildlife, waterways, etc. If they have respect that are more...