"I am the Grand Canyon"


Minden, NV
On a trip to northern Arizona last month, I ran into a book with this title by Hirst. It is the story of the Havasupai Nation and their fight to retain their lands. They traditionally lived in the Canyon on Havasu Creek in the summer, but spent the winter up on the rim where there is fire wood and deer to hunt when their gardens are dormant.

The book does a good job of describing their outlook and way of life. There are many parallels with the Hualapai Nation which are just to the south. My family has been linked with the Hualapai since the late 1800s. My relatives used to hire young Indian guys to break horses for them. Many of the Hualapai took the name of their employers when the first census came around, so there are many of them with my last name.

This book will resonate with anyone that has been in the GC. If you haven't been, put it on your list.