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I hope it's a happy happy day for you! In your honour I will stop in at our local bakery and purchase a small cake and sing, or groan, or possibly say "Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy birthday dear Roybrew, H..A..P..P..Y birthday to you. I hope you like chocolate because that is what I intend to buy. Best wishes my Ourdoor Basecamp friend.
Glad to see you online Cappy - missed ya! Hope all goes well - getting older is a major challenge.
I hope you are feeling "real good" today Pine and you are able to get out. Age and condition sure take a wack at our outdoor endeavours. A few years back we closed our facility to visitation and virtually shut down Christmas. So I suggested that we celebrate another time. At the end of January, we did just that. Celebrate when you can. :Smile2:
Back troubles for the last 3 weeks, but the heart is better. The winter has been tough. Looking to get out by the end of Mar.