Breaking Bad Cutting Board


"Breaking Bad" Cutting Board
Pic of Walter White and the words "Time to Cook" burned into the wood

Size: 16" x 10" x 1"
Material: Maple
Price: $150 plus shipping (shipping is usually less than $20 for FedEx)

This is a heavy-duty hardwood cutting board that CAN be used in the kitchen for slicing vegetables. It's not just for decoration.

The image is burned into the wood and regular cutting will not degrade the art. If you're still worried, you can always use the back of the board for cutting instead of the face.

Each board is made to order and might take a few weeks to complete. If I don't have a completed board on hand, I will send frequent updates and photos showing the progress as I work on your piece.

Boards are made in America by an acquaintance in South Carolina. He makes this particular sized board specifically for me, for this design. You will not find this cutting board in a store or in your neighbor's kitchen.

If you don't like this design, I can do custom designs with family photos, pics of your favorite author and a famous quote, movie scenes, or even a picture of your ex-wife so you can stab her without going to prison. Custom orders will be priced based on difficulty/time spent on the board.

PM me for orders/inquiries and I'll give you my personal email.